Who Are We?

Profun Creative Events was founded in 2012 to provide high quality and exclusive events in order to appeal to a broad age range of people. Today, Profun Creative Events is one of the powers behind in most of the events, which takes place in Turkey.

Within the increased expectations and intense interests of the participants, Profun's dynamic team has expanded the organisations to various cities of Turkey and Europe. The target audience has spread to a crowded, multi-colored fanfare that stretches from university students to white-collar workers.

PROFUN has grown over the years with its sub-brands like Beat The Night has done; Istanbul Rooftop Festival, Istanbul Cocktail Festival, Bansko Skifest, Electropol Festival, a number of festival series and number of single-faced club events. This rich portfolio has expanded even further with many powerful companies from various sectors who prefer PROFUN as their solution partner in projects and field management.

During these 6 years, Profun had 165 musicians on stage and done 130 events which included 170.000 participants in total. Now Profun is continuing to build just as colorful and exiciting events as before…